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When Did You Last Have a Comprehensive Eye Exam?


It's May, and that means that it's Healthy Vision Month. When did you last have a comprehensive eye exam? Having your eyes examined periodically is one of the best things you can do to ensure your eyesight remains strong and healthy. During your procedure, your eye care professional checks your eyes, looking for commonly occurring vision problems and eye diseases, some of which do not have early warning symptoms.

The session will begin with a visual acuity test, which uses an eye chart to determine how your vision behaves at various distances. The exterior of your eye will also be properly examined.

Once these tests have concluded, your eye care professional will proceed to squeeze drops in your eyes, to dilate your pupils, which helps to run the comprehensive internal examination of your eyes. It will take about 20 - 30 minutes for the drops to take effect. A specialized magnifying instrument is then used to check the interior of your eye, which includes your retina. This part of the exam is extremely important, as it will provide vital information about the health of your eyes, as well as information about your general health. For example, it can show signs of diseases such as diabetes and also point to high blood pressure.

Even after your examination, your pupils will stay dilated until after the eye drops have worn off, and this can make your eyes quite light-sensitive, so it's best to bring sunglasses with you to reduce light and glare sensitivity on the way home. Finally, you will be examined for signs of glaucoma. Your optometrist will do this by checking the pressure in your eye, with a quick puff of air directed straight onto the eye.

It's time to care for your eyes. Make your eye health come first, and call to schedule an examination today.