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Frames & Lenses

Here at Laconia Eye Center, our optical services are an extension of our practice. With that, we want to make sure every aspect of your visit to Laconia Eye Center in Gilford and Wolfeboro is exactly what you wanted, down to picking the right glasses or sunglasses.

Glasses are one of the few ways to improve your eyesight without surgery, making it easy and effective, without the hassle. Glasses have some advantages over contact lenses, in that they are easily removable and require less maintenance. Eyeglasses, for some people, can serve as a fashion statement as well.

Inside Our Optical Department

Choosing the right glasses to fit your style can be daunting, considering all of the great options available at our Gilford and Wolfeboro locations. But our experienced and knowledgeable opticians are there to make choosing the right frames an easy and enjoyable task. You will walk out with frames that you love, guaranteed.

Our highly qualified opticians in Gilford and Wolfeboro are here to help you find the right frames for you, so that you leave with not only the glasses you need, but the ones you want. Not only are you getting the perfect prescription to help you see, our opticians will help you to look your best while wearing them. Come see us in our Gilford or Wolfeboro office, and one of our opticians will set you up with your new glasses!

Laconia Eye Center in Wolfeboro and Gilford, NH also offers prescription sunglasses. Our opticians will make sure that your new sunglasses help you not only to see, but to feel confident in your style. Stop by and see us in Gilford or Wolfeboro and get the sunglasses or eyeglasses you’ve been searching for!

Our offices, located in Gilford and Wolfeboro, are offering some of the most sought after names in sunglasses. Feel free to stop by and browse our ever-changing selection of name brands, and find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

Below are many of the popular frame brands and lenses we carry. We encourage you to come to our optical shop and browse our ever changing selection.

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