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A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye resulting in a decrease in your vision. The lens is behind the colored part of your eye (iris) and it is about the size of an M&M and is shaped like a magnifying glass lens. Until your 40’s, this lens is what allowed you to adjust your sight from distances to up close without reading glasses or bifocals. As you age it gradually thickens first losing its adjusting power then clouding over in your later years. Sun exposure may speed the process as well.

Chart Showing a Healthy Eye Compared to One With a Cataract

Everyone develops cataracts if they live long enough. Diabetes, an injury to an eye, glaucoma, certain medications and a few rare inherited problems may cause cataracts to form earlier than in your 60’s or 70’s which is the typical age for cataracts to appear. On rare occasions a child is born with a cataract. The treatment of visually significant cataracts is the same for all cases, however. The surgical removal of your natural lens and its replacement with a plastic lens implant.

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